Arsenic Poisoning Stricken Chinese Village with Cancer

Qin Wenji, 82, who suffers from skin cancer, watches TV in his bedroom at Heshan village, in Shimen county, central China's Hunan Province, June 3, 2014. REUTERS/Jason Lee

China has many so-called cancer villages, blamed by residents on industrial pollution. While the central government says it is dedicated to protecting the environment, the tax receipts from polluting plants are often a vital source of income for local governments.

Research in the 1990s showed that arsenic concentration in the mining area near Heshan was up to 15 times the level deemed safe for farm land by Chinese government standards, according to state media.

Rice can not grow because of heavy arsenic concentrations in the water, many other plants often die when rain washes airborne pollutants into the fields, villagers said.

Arsenic is already a prevalent toxic problem that occurs naturally, however due to all the mankind influences, this greatly exaberates the problem and cause more harm to the environment and to the population.

Asxban’s proprietary media which can be used to remove arsenic from drinking water once and for all can solve this problem and put a stop to it.

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