Successful Implementation of Asxban Asenfluo in Bihar Project


Successful Implementation of Asxban Asenfluo in Bihar Project

We are proud to announce the successful installation of 214 sites in the state of Bihar, India done via our partners Innotech Aqua Pvt Ltd utilizing Asxban proprietary specialty foam filter – Asenfluo-SPL to remove arsenic and fluoride in the groundwater of the areas affected.

The project was completed in December 2017, just five months after the official project start date. Tests conducted by independent lab agencies all shown excellent results in the reduction and removal of contaminants in the water after treatment. This project also includes a 5 year maintenance program covering the servicing maintenance and replacement of all consumables including the Asenfluo filters

The successful deployment of Asxban Asenfluo filter technology has introduced a breakthrough in our ability to provide high adsorption with easy implementation at a very low cost, providing huge cost savings to the Indian government. Spent material is also safe and inert, allowing for easy disposal when replacement is required.

We are always open to helping any country or organization to mitigate their arsenic, fluoride or iron contamination us at 

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