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Asxban Technologies Pte Ltd was established in August 2011 to handle the Arsenic absorbent materials under licensing agreement with A*Star for production and distribution of the arsenic filter – with world wide distribution rights.  This technology was developed by National University of Singapore whereby the arsenic poison in the water can be reduced from 1000ppb to less then 2ppb, which at this publication time is the most effective absorbent in this world.

Currently best standard established by WHO is 10ppb.  However, even at this level – the death rate is 1 death per 100 pax. We can do better. Ask us how today.

Wide Range of Application

Through our years with the various organizations and users, we have accumulated a wide range of equipment that can work, some without electricity or without pressured water flow!

Lab Testing

One thing we would need is lab tests to be conducted on the water source to find out all the contaminants in the water

Customized Support

We are always ready to chat to see how we can assist you in the unique problems that you have

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