Asxban MaxKleen 500

Asxban MaxKleen 500
Asxban MaxKleen 500
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Asxban Maxkleen is a fully automatic system, able to reduce all levels of arsenic contamination to non-detectable levels. It is a fully customizable system, being able to program up to 24 automatic backflushes per day that will run throughout the day (i.e. 1 backflush every hour)

Utilizing 0.01um Ultrafiltration Membrane modules, this system is able to remove 99.99999% of bacteria and 99.999% of viruses in the water, producing clean water free from bacteria, viruses and chemicals. AsxbanSorb can be added in to remove arsenic, fluoride, iron, manganese and other heavy metals. A specially fitted diffuser churns the adsorbent around for maximum contact with the heavy metals in the water.