Commune Pump Filter


Asxban Commune Pump Filter is suitable for setting up in a base camp, camping, disaster relief, military operations and everyday use for rural communities and villages. Features high volume filtration, up to 1,500,000 litres of ultrafiltration drinking water. Superb filtration capabilities; up to 99.999% virus and 99.99999% Bacteria. Equipped with built-in backwash pump for minimal maintenance.

Asxban Commune Pump Filter is attached directly to the existing village pump and water can be pumped through the village pump into the Asxban Commune Pump Filter, which contains AsxbanSorb filters that remove arsenic, fluoride, manganese, iron and other heavy metals. Patent Pending.

This system has been installed in over 300 sites in Bihar, India since 2017 and has been operational ever since with little down time.


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