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Asxban Technologies Pte Ltd offers the AsxbanSorb, a zirconium oxide adsorptive media for use in water treatment applications requiring the removal of arsenical pollutants. AsxbanNano-60 is a proprietary media designed for use in simple pump-and-treat adsorption system where contaminated water is passed through and arsenical contaminants adsorbed into the media.

AsxbanSorb is an adsorptive media designed and developed by Asxban Technologies Pte Ltd during 2012, for the purpose of removing arsenic from water, which affects over 160 million people worldwide. The adsorption capacity of the media for arsenic offers a high adsorption capacity.

The life expectancy of the media is dependent on the site-specific water quality and operating levels. Once exhausted, the AsxbanSorb media is non-hazardous and can be disposed in the local landfill without additional pre-treatment, passing all TCLP requirements.

AsxbanSorb currently has the highest adsorption capacity for arsenic and works rapidly in adsorbing, requiring very little contact time.


AsxbanSorb has been developed for removal of arsenic (V) and arsenic (III). It can be applied to any usage, such as arsenic removal from mining and industrial wastewaters as well as removal of arsenic in groundwater. AsxbanSorb is capable of removing 1000 parts per billion (ppb) of arsenic from water down to less than 2ppb.

It also applicable for removing fluoride and potentially other heavy metals.

Asxban Technologies Pte Ltd is currently looking for interested parties to distribute AsxbanSorb in countries worldwide where arsenic poisoning is affecting the lives of millions.

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