Asxban WaterPot

Asxban WaterPot
Asxban WaterPot Asxban WaterPot
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The Asxban WaterPot designed for use in rural areas where access to clean drinking water is not available.

It comes available in 14 litre and 28 litre sizes with a flow rate of about 2 litres per hour.

Water is poured in from the top and gravity pulled through the various filter media to clean the water.

The various filter media are

Candle Filter 

  • 1 micron candle filter
  • able to remove solid particles

Activated Carbon Filter

  • remove any volatile organic chemicals
  • neutralizes water pH
  • stabilize water to be more pleasant tasting

Asxban Zirconium media

  • remove arsenic contamination to ND levels
  • reduce fluoride

Zeolite Filter media

  • additional water polishing
  • additional heavy metal removal

The Asxban WaterPot is meant to support a family of 5 over a period of 1 year before requiring replacement.

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